Aircraft Structural Repair Capabilities

KNSI has the capability to provide a wide range of structural repair solutions for any type of aircraft. With our Part 21.J DOA, Part 21.G POA & Part 145 MRO approvals we are capable of providing comprehensive support to our customer’s aircraft structural repair requirements.

We will provide assistance in damage identification, assessment, and removal/repair of a wide range of common damages to aircraft Interior & Exterior structures, including corrosion, cracking, and disbonding.

Our scope of approval is inclusive of Major & Minor repairs on airframe secondary structures, and cabin/cargo interior metallic and plastic components.

We have the capability to carry out Minor repairs on turbine Engines & APU. Including engine nacelle, intake cowls, fan cowl doors, thrust reversers, exhaust nozzle components, & auxiliary power unit (APU) structural ducts and intakes,

Our Services

  • Assessment of structural / corrosion damage on aircraft and individual structural components
  • Part 21.J Repair Approvals for rectification of structural damages (Any required repair kits will be fabricated and supplied with Part 21.G Form 1)
    • Aircraft secondary structure repairs
    • Aircraft interior monument repairs
  • Temporary repair approvals to allow the usage of damaged parts until replacement upon damage assessment.
  • Approval for structural repairs & repair procedures that are beyond OEM SRM scope
  • AOG repairs – Our dedicated AOG team is capable of supporting customers’ AOG requests with swift turnaround times throughout the day every day

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