KNSI Aviation Engineering has the capability to provide Repair Approvals for Aircraft Interior & Exterior damages. We will provide Part 21.J Approved Repair schemes for any structural repair requirement upon successful evaluation of the existing damages.

Our repair solutions are not limited to metallic structures, Part 21.J repair approvals with detailed instructions will be provided for plastic or composite structural damages as well. When required, Custom repair kits and alternate replacement parts will be fabricated and supplied with Part 21.G Form 1 certification.

Damaged Footrest (Before – After)
Cracked OHSB
Damaged Seat Arm Cap
Damaged Crew Seat
Corroded Galley Capping

KNSI has the capability to perform minor repairs on the below structures

  • Aircraft Secondary structure
    Damages on the aircraft’s secondary structural components will be repaired upon a thorough evaluation of the existing damages and the provided repair solutions will be practical and cost-effective while preserving the structural integrity of the affected components.
  • Aircraft Interior monuments
    KNSI is capable of providing repair schemes & approvals on aircraft interior monuments such as Floor panels, OHSB, Galleys, Seat covers, Seat components, Lavatories, Cabin dividers &, etc.

    KNSI has the capability to fabricate alternate parts for unsalvageable aircraft interior OEM components. KNSI parts fabrication will be carried out according to Aviation standards using flammability compliant high-quality materials and will be provided with Part 21.G form 1 and Installation approval.