Equipped with a well-experienced, dedicated team of Avionics design engineers, KNSI offers expertise in delivering a range of Avionics modifications which makes KNSI the go-to option for Avionics modifications. With our in-house Part-21G Production Approval and dedicated personnel for OEM parts and equipment procurement, KNSI can deliver full-scale comprehensive engineering support for Avionics integrations and modifications of Avionics systems for any aircraft type.

KNSI Avionics Services Scope

KNSI Technical sales team, Avionics Design team, and our experienced CVEs in Avionics will work together to deliver your requests, with comprehensive technical documentation, and high-quality standards. Being a flexible and progressive team, we are up for a challenge in meeting any of the customer-required customized modifications.

Avionics Services by KNSI include:

  • VHF Radio installations
  • Mode S-related modifications
  • Micro QAR modifications
  • Oxygen container replacement
  • EFB Mounting provisions installation
  • Galley equipment installations
  • Landing / Taillight installations
  • CVR modifications
  • Antenna and transceiver modifications
  • ELT installations
  • TPIS modifications
  • Fan modifications
  • Rain repellant system modifications
  • Door wiring remodification
  • Video player / Media player installations
  • Cabin reconfigurations
    • Seat modification
    • PSU rearrangements
    • CAM reprogramming
    • IFE modifications