KNSI is capable of manufacturing wiring harnesses for all types of Avionics Modifications modifications. Our in-house Part-21G workshop is able to produce wire harnesses conforming to Airbus, Boeing and industry specification such as SAE AS 5649 and ASD EN465. We have experience with large scale wire harnesses manufacturing to all aircraft and rotorcraft types.

Customised wiring harnesses for Part-21 Modifications or reversed engineered design to replace legacy harnesses are within our capability. The wires will carry permanent identification labels introduced using in-house laser marking, compliant to SAE ARP 5607 (Legibility of Print on Aerospace Wires and Cables) and SAE AS50880 or TMS sleeves as specified by the design.

Below are some of the frequently manufactured wiring harnesses for various types of aircraft:

  • IFE System Wiring Harness
  • USB Power Supply Harness
  • Seat Power Supply Harness
  • Seat to Seat Wiring Harness
  • PSU Wiring Harness
  • Micro-QAR Harness