We offer a number of bespoke services for aircraft owners nearing their End of Lease, from basic project management to aircraft records audit, including ARC Approval and EU Ops Support, to approval of mods carried out under local authority approval that need to be brought up to EASA standards for the aircraft’s return.    

Among such support services are the following;

  • Various livery, White livery and other paint modifications
  • Complete interior and exterior placards installation and kit supply in single, dual, and tri languages
  • Cabin reconfigurations and de-modifications
  • Cabin refurbishment mods such as curtain, carpet and seat cover replacements
  • Temporary registration decal installations and supply
  • EEL modifications and de-modifications
  • Galley, lavatory and seat repairs
  • Local mod revalidations, etc.
  • AED, ELT relocation/replace modifications
  • MQAR installations
  • Mode S recode modifications
  • USB power and Holder provisions for EFBs
  • Electrical Load Analysis updates
  • IFE Wi-Fi Unit PED use approvals

We have proven expertise in managing efficient end-of-lease return services and we provide a comprehensive review of the predetermined conditions, providing the customer with control, transparency, and most importantly, peace of mind.