We at KNSI provide engineering solutions to your technical, operational, electrical, mechanical, maintenance, and/or repair-related aviation problems along with the needed advice, and necessary recommendations and even provide OEM parts or in-house fabricated kits to suit customer conditions. KNSI has the capability to provide engineering solutions with much ease with us possessing the approvals of;

  • UKCAA Part 21.J for all our Design aspects
  • UKCAA Part 21.G for every Production and fabrication we carry out in-house
  • UKCAA Part 145 for all Maintenance related tasks undertaken

When during the execution of customer’s own specific projects, when they face problems that need external assistance to be solved and we at KNSI can be that troubleshooting external aid providers by not only means of solving the issue by giving specific instructions on what and what not to be carried out, but also has the capability to provide with parts, tools and kits fabricated or brought down by OEMs that would help resolve or limit the problem.

The problems may be such that the solutions needed range from wanting;

  • time and cost-effective products
  • to fabricate totally unique and customized products
  • products to suit a specific ongoing world trend such as a pandemic or a specific climate change etc.
  • a real-time solution for a day-to-day issue
  • innovative solutions to stand out from customer’s competitors
  • to either limit or enhance an existing feature or to remove one

A team of well-experienced Design Engineers at KNSI work closely with the modification engineers and the relevant technicians who possess years of hands-on experience, dedicated to providing you with the best engineering solutions.

With the receiving of the project milestones to be fulfilled, the Sales team, coordinates with the Design, Production, and Repair teams effectively and efficiently, working towards a common goal of achieving another successful project completion with a lowered lead time at a competitive price under the proper certifications.