Through the combined efforts of our highly skilled Production teams both in the UK and Sri Lanka and our experienced and adaptive design team expertise, KNSI can fabricate and supply a range of Metallic parts used in aircraft. We have a stock of aviation-approved metal materials, in both UK and Sri Lanka, and therefore KNSI is readily available to complete any of your metal part fabrication needs with the unmistakably the best lead times in the industry competitive pricing.

With the adaptiveness of our engineers, we are able to work with samples of existing parts or develop completely new designs to meet customer requirements.

With high lead times and costs for OEM parts in the industry, KNSI offers practical and attractive solutions when it comes to metal parts supply, with flexibility in our designs bespoke to the customer’s need.

Brackets & Holders Fabrication – KNSI can offer fabrication solutions for Equipment stowage such as Emergency Equipment, IFE, Wi-Fi units, and Galley equipment installations.

Electrical Brackets and Boxes Fabrication – We are fully equipped to produce a variety of common and standard relay boxes, Micro QAR brackets, EFB and Charging port mounting brackets, etc.

Galley Parts Fabrication – One of the special masteries in the KNSI production portfolio, we are able to produce and supply alternative Galley parts for installation in aircraft galleys such as Galley fittings, latches, galley pullout devices, Rub strips, shims, trolley latch fittings, worktop tables, etc., at unparalleled lead times and competitive pricing. 

Data Plate Fabrication – A frequent and regular service at KNSI, we are able to design, fabricate and supply Ownership, Registration, and Operator data plates for Aircraft and Engines, using aviation-approved high-quality materials, at generally quick turnaround times.

Lavatory Parts Fabrication – KNSI offers Lavatory Soap/Hand sanitizer holder solutions for aircraft lavatories for complete fleets, with flexibility in selection for features such as adjustable/fixed height and anti-theft locking features according to customer requirements. High-quality metals are used for production with an aesthetic finish with powder coating.

Roof Step Kits Fabrication – Another continuing forte in the KNSI production portfolio, our production team is able to fabricate and supply high-quality Roof step kits for twin otter aircraft with the complete installation kits.