Structural Kit Fabrication & Supply

As a DOA, specializing in aircraft modifications and repairs KNSI can support customers with accompanying structural kits required for the modification accomplishment, under our POA approval, with Part 21.G Form1 approval. When our own design engineers are approving the modification or repair, what better option than to have our own teamwork on the accompanying kit supply as well. KNSI as an all-around comprehensive engineering organization presents customers with the ability to fulfill their design needs extensively.

Structural Kits for Avionics Modifications

Along with our famed Avionics projects, we are able to supply the structural kits as well. Whenever, an Avionics installation requires brackets, relay boxes, holders, or assemblies on the structure’s side, our structures and interiors design teams work together with the avionics team to come up with solutions which will then be finished to quality by our Part 21.G workshop team. Below listed are some of the main fabrications done for general kit supplies by KNSI with Part 21.G Form1.

  • Micro Quick Access Recorder Kit Brackets
  • EFB Mounting Provisions Kit Reinforcement plates
  • USB Charging Port and Switch assembly
  • Galley Equipment Installation brackets, fittings, and fasteners
  • IFE Restraining kit production

Structural Repair Kits

For structural repairs approved by us, the KNSI production team can fabricate necessary doublers and reinforcement plates and our dedicated procurement team can arrange for required hardware packs and consumables such as adhesives, sealants, and paints, for repair accomplishments.

Whether it is a galley corrosion repair, a seat pan repair, or a fan cowl repair KNSI can support with accompanying repair kit supplies, making sure that with KNSI, there is no other ground left to cover.

Equipment Restraint Kits and Brackets

For equipment installations that require structural support, our Engineers can design and fabricate solutions, taking into account all relevant load factors. Combining our design expertise, seasoned structural engineers, high-quality material usage, and up-to-standard production methods, customers can be guaranteed safety and quality in their modifications. Some of the structural kits designed and fabricated for Equipment installations are listed below.

  • Fire Extinguisher bracket
  • Pitot Static Cover Holder
  • Emergency Equipment Holding Straps
  • Wi-Fi unit restraint kit
  • IFE restraint kit
  • Portable Oxygen Bottle holder