KNSI Aviation Engineering has a specially dedicated team for structural engineering, which includes a group of well-experienced and talented engineers.

With our valuable resources both personnel and advanced latest technical tools, KNSI is capable of performing analysis on stress, fatigue, and damage tolerance of aircraft structures.

In common situations where special analysis is required,

  • Overload, ductile, or brittle fractures
  • Environmentally assisted fractures (Corrosion, fretting, etc.)
  • Wear
  • Impact
  • Dynamic loading
  • Fatigue

Most of the above situations, if not detected and dealt with can be developed beyond repair damages. These can be predicted and minimized by proper testing and analysis.

KNSI has the capability to perform Stress, Damage tolerance & Fatigue analysis on not only metal structures but also on any composite or plastic components where required. Upon analysis, we are capable of providing suitable engineering solutions with Part 21.J Approval. Our solutions will delay or prevent the requirement for replacement or heavy repair through,

  • Improved design
  • Better material selection
  • Alternate joints/load distribution
  • Lower stress levels during operation
  • Improved surface treatment
  • Improved surrounding environment
  • Proper routine inspection criteria

Along with KNSI’s DOA & POA approvals, we are capable of providing Engineering solutions with Part 21.J Approval and customized kits (Repair/Modification) will be fabricated & supplied with Part 21.G Form 1.