KNSI Aviation Engineering provides a wide range of Modification/Repair services for Aircraft Interior & Exterior structures. Our Structural Engineering solutions will be cost-effective and easy to implement while maintaining the required strength levels and preserving the overall airworthiness of the Aircraft.

We will approve customer-suggested structural repair schemes upon proper assessments also We have the capability to develop our own approved repair procedures for any aircraft structural engineering requirement.

Our experienced design team will work with you to develop the required structural design change or repair scheme from concept to final approval.

KNSI scope under Aircraft Structural solutions

Our scope of approval includes the capability to carry out Major & Minor repairs below mentioned Aircraft Structural components.

  1. Airframe secondary structures
    1. Fuselage dents
    2. Minor damages to aircraft exterior due to bird strikes & lightning strikes
    3. Fairings, access panels, and non-pressurized doors
  2. Galleys, Lavatories, OHSB structures
  3. Interior cabin components (Seat parts, Class dividers, etc.)

KNSI Aircraft Structural Engineering Services

KNSI always looks forward to providing high-quality service to our customers. We provide these services regarding Aircraft structural engineering requirements.

  1. Aircraft interior/exterior structures and individual structural components damage assessment
  2. Fabrication & supply of custom repair kits with Form 1
  3. Temporary repair approvals until replacement or permanent repair
  4. Approval for structural repairs & repair procedures that are beyond OEM SRM scope
  5. AOG structural repairs