KNSI Aviation Engineering is capable of completing any aircraft Decal & Placard requirement. With our experienced production team and latest technology, we can deliver the required placard kits in a short lead time along with Part.21G Form 1 certification and Part 21.J Installation Approval.

KNSI has the capability to cater to a wide range of customer placard and decal requirements
(Individual placards, complete interior kits, complete exterior kits, cargo compartment placard kits &, etc.).

KNSI fabricates aircraft decals & placards according to aviation-approved methods using high-quality, certified & long-lasting materials. Fabricated materials will be in compliance with (FAR/CS) 25.853(a) Flammability requirements.

Required Decal & Placard kits will be provided with a complete Installation Engineering Documentation package consisting of,

  • Part 21.J Minor Modification Approval
  • Change bulleting
  • IPC supplement
  • Placard Installation Drawing

Apart from Placard kit supply, KNSI is capable of facilitating placard material flammability testing, relevant work scope will comprise of the following,

  1. Flammability Test Plan preparation
  2. Test sample fabrication
  3. Conduction of flammability test & test witnessing
  4. Issuance of Form 1 upon successful test results

Interior Placards Supply

  • Dual language placard kits
  • Galley Placard kits
  • Emergency Equipment Identification Placards
  • Lavatory placards
  • General cabin placards (Seat row marking, OHSB load limit, Doors, Curtains, MCD, etc…)
  • Cargo compartment placards
  • Placards for special requirements (Blanking placards, Inop. Placards, etc…)
  • Advertisement placards (Ex – promotional placards for the back of passenger seats)

Exterior Placards Supply

  • Exterior technical marking kits
  • Operator exterior livery decals (Installation services can be arranged if required)
  • Exterior advertising decals (Installation services can be arranged if required)
  • temporary registration markings decals

Photograph References

KNSI Placard Installation Drawing
KNSI IPC Supplement
KNSI Placard Fabrication Drawing
Minor Modification Approval
KNSI Installation Drawing

Customer Design request

Fabrication of decals according to customer provided artwork

On site decal installation support

Condition Indication Placards
Dual Language Placards
Placard Installation at seat back meal tray
Interior advertisement placard
Seat back marketing placards
Interior Placards
Special liveries