KNSI Aviation Engineering, with its dedicated team skilled in parts procurement and in-house Part 21.G production capabilities, is able to support the customers in procuring a variety of parts and kits needed for aircraft modifications. KNSI team is experienced to locate and sourcing products with stock availability or shorter lead times, to meet the customer timelines. Along with our Part 21.G workshop team, KNSI can offer unmatched lead time and prices for your kit requirements.

OEM Parts and Kits

When requested for parts supply, our technical sales team along with our parts procurement teams will check the availability of the parts with our extensive supplier base developed throughout the years in operation. Our team will take into account all the pertinent factors; the stock availability, the lead times, prices, and release certifications, to choose the best options to meet your needs. All KNSI sourced parts and kits will be released with either OEM Certificates, Manufacturer CofC s, Form 1 approvals, or FAA 8130.

Carpet Kit Supply

When customers reach out to KNSI for Carpet kit requirements, the best material will be chosen as per the customer preference or from our own experience in the business, through our supplier base within the shortest lead time possible to keep up with the project timelines. When in need of complete kit fabrication, our KNSI production team can fabricate complete carpet assemblies and release them with Part 21.G Form1 approvals, with great lead times and attractive prices.

Additionally, if the necessary flammability tests report on the carpet materials are not provided by the supplier, these tests will be carried out by KNSI and the test reports will be provided.

Curtain Kits

For all your Curtain kit requirements, KNSI can support in procuring the suitable material according to either the customer preference or from our experience in the craft of curtain assemblies. Our dedicated team will search and locate the best materials within our renowned supplier base developed over the years. With In house, Part 21.G Production capabilities and procured high-quality material in stock, KNSI can offer attractive lead times and costs for newly fabricated curtain kits to be released with Part 21.G Form1 approvals.

Moreover, if the necessary tests report on the curtains is not provided by the supplier, complete test accomplishments will be taken care of by KNSI and it will be carried along with the certification documentation.

Complete Interior and Exterior Placard Kits

KNSI is the go-to option for both interiors, exterior and miscellaneous placard requirements. For both English only, dual language, and tri-language requirements we can support with standardized, accurate designs and precise translations. The placard kits can be designed and fabricated through our trusted suppliers, or manufactured in-house under our Part 21.G capabilities, appropriately to meet the exact needs of the customer costs, and timelines. KNSI has secured a reputation for supplying products with unbelievable lead times and customer-friendly kit prices.

With placard printing capabilities developed in all three locations, in the UK, Sri Lanka, and Ireland, KNSI follows standard printing processes, with high-quality material usage, guaranteeing customers freedom of mind when it comes to placard kit procurement. The added benefit of Part 21.G Form1 approval, along with every released kit, makes KNSI the comprehensive partner you need for placard requirements.  

Complete Exterior Decal / Paint Masking Kits

Under our production capabilities, KNSI can offer complete kit supplies whether it is a decal installation or a paint livery. For decals, we offer attractive decal

kits for temporary registration markings, exterior livery designs, and exterior technical markings. With predeveloped standard catalogs in our systems, KNSI offers the advantage of shorter lead times when it comes to kit production.

Be it a livery installation, customers can rely on KNSI for the supply of paint masks or stencils kits bespoke to the customer’s required livery designs, registration, or technical markings. With an experienced team specialized in aviation-related graphics, there’s no room for error, and a perfect finish is guaranteed to the customer. Not to mention, the added services for on-site installation for the supplied kits as well.

All of the released temporary registration marking decals, livery decals, paint masking kits, and stencils kits will be released with Part 21.G form1, guaranteed.

Galley Parts

For all galley parts, KNSI can be the go-between solution in procuring genuine parts from Galley OEMs such as Driessen Galleys, Aim Galleys, Zodiac Galleys etc. and if the required parts are not available in stock, our team would go the length of searching and locating the required OEM parts from third party suppliers with stock availability and necessary certification.

When the OEM parts procurement is not an option we can support with approved alternatives for the parts, with our supplier base, maintained over the years. With customer acceptance, KNSI can offer attractive alternative solutions in terms of price and lead time.

Last but not least, as one of our special masteries in the KNSI production portfolio, we are able to produce and supply alternative Galley parts for installation in aircraft galleys. With production drawing completion, aviation-approved high-quality material sourcing, fabrication of parts with Part 21.G Form1 approval, and Free of Charge Part 21.J Installation approval, KNSI offers the best the industry has to offer at unparalleled lead times and competitive pricing.

Paints & Consumables Supply

With a strong supplier base and dedicated procurement team, KNSI is able to offer consumable supply solutions for MROs and Operators alike, with stock availability and attractive price tags.

For paint modifications carried out under KNSI or upon customer requests, we have the aptitude for sourcing standard, high-quality paint material solutions for the customers. Based on either the customer preferred paint systems or the abundant experience of our engineers KNSI procurement team can locate and purchase attractive paint material offers from OEMs or third-party suppliers to meet your requirements. PPG, AkzoNobel, Mankiewicz, and Hentzen are some of the suppliers KNSI will be able to procure for you, just to name a few. Whatever the required, our teams are up for a challenge to locate and procure the best options in the aviation world.

For consumable solutions sought by customers, KNSI can procure the following consumables for the customers,

  • Adhesives
  • Lubricants
  • Sealants
  • Silicones
  • Cleaners
  • Tapes
  • Specialties

KNSI can support with aviation approved recognized consumable brands such as Araldite, Molykote, and Locitite.