KNSI Aviation Engineering holds Part 145 Maintenance Organisation approval for C6 (Equipment) category which allows us to provide refurbishment and repair services for aircraft equipment (Seats/Seat covers, lavatory equipment, Galley, carpets, NTF, cargo panels, etc.).

KNSI have the experience and capability to provide complete Lavatory refurbishment and repair services for our customers.
We have recently performed repairs on aircraft Lavatory doors, toilet shroud lid, toilet seat assemblies, lavatory mirrors and other plastic/composite lavatory components.

We can also fabricate & provide complete lavatory placards kits with Part 21.G Form 1 & Installation approval if required.

For any unsalvageable lavatory component KNSI have the capability to design and fabricate approved alternate parts with impressive lead times.

Aircraft Lavatory repair approval procedure

  1. Customers send over relevant Lavatory damage reports
  2. KNSI assessment of the available damages (On site inspections or remote survey)
  3. KNSI provides the approved Part-21 approvals for each repair requirement
  4. Lavatory repair carried out as per KNSI procedures in house or onsite by KNSI Technicians
  5. In-house or onsite post repair inspections carried out by KNSI certifying staff, along with survey documentation
  6. Part 145 certification provided if required to the repaired aircraft lavatory components