KNSI Aviation Engineering provides Complete Cabin reconfigurations and integration services for any aircraft type of interest and will enable to not only reconfigure the interiors of the Cabin but also perform required modifications with the appropriate OEM parts.

Most importantly with KNSI, customized services in both design and production aspects at competitive rates and with a shorter lead time can be acquired.

Aircraft Modification & Work Scope under Part 21J

Cabin Reconfigurations and Refurbishments at KNSI are undertaken by a team of well-experienced Design Engineers who work closely with the modification engineers and the relevant technicians who possess years of hands-on experience.

With the receiving of requests for aircraft modifications to be done, the Sales team, coordinate with the Design, Production, and Repair teams effectively and efficiently which results in lowered lead times, avoiding time-consuming and costly design rectifications done elsewhere. At KNSI, we cover all aspects of Cabin Interior Reconfigurations.

Work Scope of KNSI under Part 21J

  • New Seats Installation
  • IFE Removal/Installation
  • PSU Removal/Installation/Relocation
  • Galley Replacement/Removal/Relocation
  • Lavatory Replacement/Removal/Relocation
  • Closet & Stowage Removal/Installation
  • Carpet & NTF Replacement
  • Curtain Rail & Curtain Installations
  • Placard Kits Installation
  • OHSB Removal/Installation
  • Floor Panel / Ceiling Panel/ Sidewall Panels Modifications
  • Raceways Replacement & EEPM Modifications
  • Emergency Equipment Installation

Technical Documentation & Project Deliverables under Part 21J

We at KNSI know the importance and the criticality of comprehensive technical documentation for airlines specifically after a Reconfiguration or a Refurbishment has taken place.

  1. Technical documentation deliverables
  • Change Bulletins
  • LOPA Drawings
  • PSIU Layout Drawings
  • Carpet Layout Drawings
  • Emergency Exit Path Marking Layout
  • Emergency Equipment Layout Drawings
  • Electrical Drawings
  • *Production Drawings
    • Placard Fabrication
    • Curtain Fabrication
  • Flammability Test Plans
  • Flammability Test Reports
  • Weight & Balance Reports
  • Ground Test Procedures
  • Installation Drawings
    • OHSB Installation
    • Sidewall Panel Installation
    • Ceiling Panel Installation
    • Monument Installation
    • Structural Fittings Installation
    • Placard & Signs Installation
    • Curtain Installations
  • *Aircraft Manual Supplements
    • Illustrated Parts Catalogue Supplement
    • Aircraft Maintenance Manual Supplement
    • Aircraft Schematics Manual Supplement
    • Instructions for Continued Airworthiness Supplement
    • Wiring Diagram Manual Supplement

KNSI is a DOA and a POA in the aviation industry with nearly a decade of experience dedicated to providing the most unique services related to aircraft Reconfiguration and Refurbishments, covering both Design and Production aspects together with complete and comprehensive Repairs.

  1. Complete MOD Kit Supply
  • OEM Sidewall & Door Lining Panels
  • OEM Ceiling Panels
  • OEM Overhead Bins
  • Exit Lenses & Signs (Bilingual if required)
  • PEPM Kits
  • OEM Window Plugs & Panes
  • OEM PSIU Combi Panels & Spacers
  • OEM Structural Fittings
  • Raceway Kits
  • Reprogrammed CAM
  1. In-house Part 21-G Support Provided
  • Placards Kits
  • Decal Kits
  • Data Plates
  • OVHB Divider Kits
  • Curtain Kits
  • Seat Dress Cover & Cushion Assemblies
  • Life Vest Pouches, meal trays, and miscellaneous storage items and straps
  • Galley, Lavatory & Seat Parts
  • Carpet & Non-Textile Flooring Kits
  • Class Dividers (Movable or Fixed)
  • Laser wire marked wiring harnesses
  • IFE control interface switching and control units
  • Metal Brackets and Fittings
  • Injection Molded & Vacuum Formed plastic trim items