KNSI Aviation Engineering can support a variety of Avionics-related fabrication and supply, with the design expertise of our Part 21.J Avionics and Structures/Interiors teams, and the added combination of Part 21.G Production capabilities. KNSI Aviation Engineering is fully competent in supporting exceptional lead times and competitive pricing, with our Part 21.G Production Workshops stationed in both UK and Sri Lanka.

Avionics Kits Production & Supply by KNSI

  • Micro Quick Access Recorder Kit Supply
  • EFB Mounting Provisions Kit Supply
  • Galley Equipment Installation kits
    • Microwave Installation Kits
    • Water Boiler Installation Kits
    • Coffee Maker Installation Kits
  • IFE Wiring Harness and Restraining kit supply
  • Electrical Equipment Procurement and Supply