EASA Part-21.G Production

KNSI has UK CAA / EASA Part-21.G Approval to manufacture a wide variety of parts and production kits and supply with a EASA Form 1 Certificate.

Wide selection of parts

KNSI provides a wide variety of parts through our facilities in the UK and Sri Lanka to services clients all over the World. From simple items such as decals and placards to more complicated items such as IFE kits, full length wiring looms, crew rest installations and much more. KNSI provide a huge range of interior kits which can be supplied for a single aircraft or a whole fleet.

Customized services

KNSI's in-house Part-21.J Design Office working with the Part-21.G Production Team and the customer can design and produce custom parts and kits with dramatically reduced costs and lead times. Send your requirements over to us and we will get back to you with a customised package including design, certification and testing.

POA Capabilities

Our POA Scope of approval extends to C2 Parts such as:

  • Laser wire marked wiring harnesses, to Boeing and Airbus spec
  • Structural parts and doublers
  • IFE control interface switching and control units
  • Placard kits (Interior, Exterior, Boeing, Airbus, ATR, Dual-language)
  • Soft cabin area furnishings, dividers, curtains and close out items
  • Pouches, meal trays and miscellaneous stowage items and straps, life vest pouches
  • Vacuum Formed plastic trim items
  • Metal Brackets and Fittings




POA Approval Certificate

   EASA Part-21.G Approval
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