KNSI Aviation Engineering is a EASA approved independent, comprehensive engineering organisation based in Stansted Airport's Diamond Hangar providing services to airlines, MROs and aircraft owners around the World. Our extensive design experience with EASA regulations makes us the ideal choice to ensure your projects get the necessary Design Approval, Certified Parts and Consultancy services quickly.

Design Services - D.O.A

Doubler repair

LOPA CAD layout


As a EASA Design Approval Holder (DOA), KNSI has the capability to design modifications and repairs on any small, large, wide-body or narrow body aircrafts and rotor-craft such as the De-Havilland Twin Otter DH-6, ATR-42/72, Airbus, Boeing aircrafts and many more.    More info

Repairs & modifications

Modifications and repairs have to pass stringent regulations and approved under EASA or FAA. KNSI has extensive experience working under EASA and FAA regulations and standards to deliver quick and cost-effective design services on interiors, structural modifications, avionics changes and upgrades, Major/Minor repairs and STCs.    More info

Production Services - P.O.A

Business class leather seat cover

IFE wire harness


We fabricate and manufacture all EASA C2 parts including seat dress covers, leather Business Class seat covers, curtains, wire harnesses, soft furnishings, carpets, labels, metal brackets and injection molded and vacuum formed trim items.    More info

EASA Form 1

Our products are designed and manufactured by us to the stringent Quality standards required by a EASA Production Approval Holder and ship with a EASA Form 1.    More info

Custom Design

Our customer-focused approach lets the customer dictate the main features required, these will then be designed by our EASA Approved Part.J Design Group and after sign-off fabricated by the Part.G Production Office. We have created numerous custom designs for major airlines around the World.    More info

Consultancy & Outsourcing Services

Consultancy FMEA

Aircraft Lease Return

We offer a number of bespoke services for aircraft owners nearing their End Of Lease, from basic project management to aircraft records audit, including ARC Approval and EU Ops Support, to approval of mods carried out under local authority approval that need to be brought up to EASA standards for the aircraft's return.    

Other services

CAD drawing, management and Quality staff outsourcing, project management, general repair, maintenance and procurement consultancy for aircraft owners.    

Aircraft Spares

Consultancy FMEA

We have strong relationships with OEMs around the world and are able to source spare and after-market products quickly, easily and to your specifications. We can source consumables, PMA parts, avionics equipment, emergency equipment, fasteners, trim items and many more.    

Approval Capabilities




UK CAA - UK.21G.2677


FAA approvals through DER partners and bi-lateral agreements

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